Mudec and ArtLine Milano will host “Le Relazioni oltre le Immagini”, a cycle of study days dedicated to Public Art

The Relationships beyond Images

Individual, Community, Public Sphere

Conference – Day One

Mudec Auditorium, 12 June 2019, 10.30 am-6 pm

A Mudec and ArtLine Milano collaboration

The Mudec Auditorium of Milan hosts the first day of “The Relationships beyond Images” (Le Relazioni oltre le Immagini) program, a series of conferences exploring the current trends in public art and analyzing their relation with contemporary social space. This series is part of the “ArtLine Milano” public program, a City of Milan public art project based in the CityLife Park.

What is the meaning of “public sphere” today? Is public art a common good?

The conferences will focus on the social role of art within our contemporary and evolving notion of public sphere, following the Occupy experience and examining the new links between the individual and the community, the social implications of the concept of “common good”, and the collective and political features of public space, whose boundaries with private space are becoming more and more blurred due to the pervasiveness of the new electronic technologies in our everyday life.

Speakers: Edi Muka, Başak Şenova, Anna Detheridge, Leone Contini, Micaela Martegani, Francesca Comisso (a.titolo), Alberto Garutti.

Moderators: Giorgia Barzetti, Cecilia Guida, Roberto Pinto.