Adelita Husni-Bey, "Palco dell'Estinzione", 2015 Courtesy ArtLine Milano Styleframe, render of the project, Mila Manfrine and Juri Agostinelli, 2015

Adelita Husni-Bey, “Palco dell’Estinzione”
Styleframe, render of the project, Mila Manfrine and Juri Agostinelli, 2015

Adelita Husni-­Bey, Palco dell’Estinzione

Palco dell’Estinzione is a structure which reproduces the geologic stratification, a stage divided into three layers for three different ages, showing our planet in fifty, one hundred and one hundred and fifty years. The three layers will be covered by drawings taken from a series of public workshops on the topic “extinction”.
Moreover, thanks to its solar panels and to its internal system that supplies electricity 24/7, Palco dell’Estinzione is also a source of free, clean energy. The space recalls an arena. It is available and can be freely used for meetings, projections, concerts, seminaries and shows, and since it is a self­powered lighting device, it can also be used during the night.
For the workshops the artist will work alongside several Italian academics, researchers and activists, whose research deals with particularly delicate issues, such as the sea level rise, the loss of biodiversity and the future supply of energy resources. Together they will discuss and consider different solutions to such scenarios.

Adelita Husni-Bey was born in 1985 in Milano, she grow up between Italy and Libia and she graduated at the Goldsmiths University with a Master degree in Sociology and Urban Cultures. In her practice she uses different media: drawing, painting and documentary movie. An important part of her research are also partecipatory workshops (from which it becames her interest in radical pedagogy) during which groups of people are invited to act and reflect on specific subjects, driven by the artist herself. The collective activity is a fundamental component in her work, that it is often focused on social issues in specific political contexts.

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