Rossella Biscotti, immagine progettuale di "Come fare?", 2015

Rossella Biscotti, “Come fare?”, sketch of the project, 2015

Rosella Biscotti, Come fare?

The artwork is structured in 5 “isles”: a set of interconnected pieces of briks and concrete. Thus the visitors find themselves in a small­scale urban landscape. They can physically interact with the installation and at the same time observe the whole organization of the space. The itinerary is indeed activated by visitors’ interaction with the installation. They can interact with the blocks in different ways: they can sit or climb on them, or use them as tables, or try to understand the relationship between them. Each part that composes the structure of Come fare? is obtained by adding together different sizes of modules. Visitors can either interact with the single parts of the installation or try to recognize the whole design through the process of composition, i.e. recognition of different shapes.
The project Come fare? is the result of a long history of architectural experiments, design and radical pedagogy. It is a work that involves the basic use of essential materials which allows a reflection on the practice of creating, on everyone’s ability to create shapes and ideas.

Rossella Biscotti was born in Molfetta (BA) in 1979, she lives and works in Amsterdam. Through her researches and her artworks the artist unearths obscure moments from recent history. Her investigations, those passes through personal encounters, oral tales and documentation on site, are often proposed to reconstruct events (usually in contrast with the official version). In this way Rossella Biscotti proposes also new points of view to read the present. In her works the artist uses sculpture, movie and performance.