Serena Vestrucci, “Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi”, 2016, Milano Foto di Alberto Fanelli Courtesy ArtLine Milano

Serena Vestrucci, “Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi”, 2016, Milano
Photo: Alberto Fanelli
Courtesy ArtLine Milano

Serena Vestrucci, Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi

The project doesn’t consider adding new elements in the park, because it chooses, instead, to intervene on something that was already meant to have a place there: the public water fountains.
With their structures made of cast iron, painted in green, the classic “vedovelle” of Milan are the most historical image inserted in this completely renewed area. The term vedovelle is due to their continuous water flow, reminiscent of the tears of a widow. They’re also known as “green dragons” due to their typical dragon head shaped nozzle. The project looks for a dialogue at the crossing between contemporary and classic, change and tradition, the new and the old Milan: for each fountain installed in the park, the original brass nozzle, from which the water comes out, is replaced with a sculpture each time different, a unique exemplar, obtained working on a wax model, consequently casted in bronze. A quiet gesture that notice those who will approach to drink.

Serena Vestrucci was born in Milano in 1986, she attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and the IUAV University in Venice. In her works, realized by marking pen, make-up, sewing, cutting etc.  the artist usually employs manual tecniques and her research has been often focused on the time spent for the realization the artwork, starting from a general meditation on the difference between free time and working hours for artists. Her research questioning about art market issues, the value attributed to works and way of exchange. While the word, used in titles, is often part of the artwork and suggests a dialogue between artist and viewer.

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